The Name and Family of Nugent

The Nugent Coat of Arms

The name of Nugent is derived from the residence of its first bearers at Nogent or Nugent , in Normandy, France. It was taken into the British Isles at the time of the Norman Conquest of that country and is found in ancient English, Irish and early American records in various forms of Nogent, Nugen, Nogen, Neugent, Nugent and others. Of all these spellings, the last is that most often used.

According to family historians the Nugents trace their descent from Evas de Belesme, powerful Norman Baron, Lord of the Castle, lands and tower of Belesme, Normandy, who died in the year 993AD. By his wife Godchilda, he was the father of a son named William. This William, Lord of Belesme and Count of Alancon, served under Robert King of France. By his first wife Matilda he left three sons, Fulke, Robert and William de Belesme. His second wife Adelais gave him another son Warrin de Belesme who became Lord of Damfort, Mortaign and Nogent in Normandy and Viscount of Chateaudun. Warrin died in 1026 leaving issue by his wife Millicent, the daughter and heir of Hugh, Viscount Chateaudun, of a son named Geoffry (or Geoffrey). Geoffry, Viscount Chateaudun, Lord of Montaign, Nogent and Gallardon, married Elvdic, daughter of Odo, Count of Champaigne, and had at least two sons, Hugh and Rotron de Nugent, of whom the former died young.

Rotron de Nugent (the first of the family so designated), Viscount Chateaudun, married Adeline, daughter of Nigen de Mowbray, of Picardy, and was the father by her of Geoffry, Hugh, Rotron and Fulquois de Nugent. Of these brothers, the first was created Count of Mortaign and Nogent and commanded a division of the army of William the Conqueror in 1066. Hugh became Viscount Chateaudun, and Fulquois, who was also a follower of the Norman Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings. His sons were Gilbert, Richard, Christopher and John de Nugent, of whom the last three accompanied Sir Hugh de Lacie on his expedition to Ireland in the year 1172.

John de Nugent had at least two sons, Hugh and Philip, of whom the first served in Ireland with His cousins, Hugh de Lacy and Gilbert de Nugent, and received a grant of lands at Bracklyn, County Meath. He died in 1213, leaving issue by his wife Typhano of Gilbert and Richard, of whom the former settled in Bracklyn. His sons were Hugh, Eugene and Almeric de Nugent. Of these Hugh married Mabel, daughter of Thomas le Tuite, by whom however he had no issue. His second wife Joan, daughter of Nicholas Drake, gave him two sons, Nicholas and Sir Hugh, of whom the latter resided at Everardstown, County Dublin, in 1322, and left issue there by his wife Margaret, daughter of Walter Cusack, of Nicholas, Walter and Geoffry.

Nicholas de Nugent, elder son of Hugh and Joan, was the father of Richard, who married Juliana, daughter of Nicholas Drake, of County Meath. Richard had a son named Nicholas Nugent who had a wife named Judith and two sons, Thomas and Sir William. The younger son, Sir William "Fitz Nicholas" Nugent became Baron Of Delvin, County Meath. In 1407 he married the Hon. Catherine Fitz John, daughter and heir of John Fitz John, Baron Of Delvin. To this union were born two sons, The Right Hon. Richard Nugent and Sir William Oge Nugent, of whom the latter was the progenitor of the Nugents of Moyrath, Dardistown, Ballinselott, Culvin and Gillstown, Ireland

The Right Hon. Richard Nugent, Baron of Delvin, was Sheriff of Meath in 1424, Lord Deputy of Ireland in 1444, and Seneschal of Meath in 1452. By his wife Catherine, daughter of Thomas Drake, he had issue of the Hon. James and Edward Nugent, of whom the latter was the ancestor of the family in County Waterford. The Hon James married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Robert Hollywood, and was the father by her of three sons, the Right Hon. Christopher Nugent, Baron of Delvin, Robert and Andrew, of whom the first continued the elder line of the family, while Andrew founded a family of the name in Westmeath. Robert Nugent, the second son of the Hon. James Nugent, owned the lands of Drumcree, Ballystrowan, and Oldbawn, County Westmeath. By his wife, Anna Cusack, he had a son named Christopher, who died in 1526, leaving by his wife Elinor, daughter of Alexander Plunkett, of Sir Oliver, Robert, Edward, the Right Reverend Edmund (Bishop of Kilmore), William, Richard, James, Anna and Elinor. Of these, Sir Oliver Nugent married Anna, daughter of Thomas Barnewall, and died in 1557, leaving issue of Christopher, Robert, Lavallin, Richard and Anne, of whom the first died without issue. Robert, the second son, left only one child, Oliver by his wife Anne, daughter of Sir Thomas Nugent, of County Meath, and his son died without issue before reaching maturity

Lavallin Nugent, third son an eventual heir of Sir Oliver, was the father by his wife Elizabeth of Nicholas, Robert, Edward, Oliver Christopher, Richard, Margaret, Elinor, Elizabeth and Maud. Nicholas, the eldest of these, married Anne, daughter of James Bi(e)rmingham, and left issue by her of James, Thomas. Lavallin and Margery, of whom the first married Margaret, daughter of John Dillon. This James was the father of Oliver, John and Robert, of whom the first was a Colonel in King James' Army and a Major General in the French Service. He married Jane, only daughter of Christopher Nugent, a cousin and descendant of Andrew of the family of Westmeath, Ireland, of Dardistown, in Westmeath, and left a son named Walter who served as a Captain in the Imperial Service. The family estates were declared forfeit after the Battle of the Boyne, and many of the family left Ireland for the Continent and the Americas. The last mentioned Walter married Elinor, daughter of James Cusack and had a son of the same name, Walter. By his wife Antoinetta, daughter of Jacob de Roux, of Antigua, the last Walter was the father of Walter, Oliver, Sir Nicholas Tyrrel Le Roux Nugent (Baronet), Margaret, Mary, Antoinetta, Sarah and Eleanor (Note: Margaret possibly married Sir Peter Parker in 1760)

Oliver Nugent, son of Walter and Antoinetta, was first married in 1759 to Elizabeth, daughter of William Dunbar, of Kirkcudbright, Ireland, and was the father by her of Robert Skerrett, Walter, Oliver, Mary, Barbara and Antoinetta. The second wife of Oliver was Bridget Margaret, daughter of Stephen Lynch and their children were Lord Percy, Nicholas, John, and Christian

John Nugent emigrated from Limerick, County Limerick, Ireland, to America in 1831, and settled in Brock County, Ontario, Canada with his wife, Catherine Cooney and five children, Edward, Thomas, John, Richard, age twelve years and Mary a baby of three months

Richard Nugent married Sarah Pangham to whom were born Sterling. John, Richard Jr., James, Katherine, Jane, Mary, Sarah, Henry, William, Elizabeth and Thomas Mary Nugent married Michael Sullivan, to whom was born Mary, Katherine, Margaret May, Annie, William and Elizabeth After the death of Michael Sullivan, Mary Nugent Sullivan married James Porter, They left no issue by this union The two families (Nugents and Sullivans) migrated to the United States from Canada in 1863 and 1865 and settled in Bingham and Verona townships, Huron County, Michigan

Sterling Nugent married Pheobe Rogers to whom were born Etta, Laura, George, Sterling Jr., Alex and Phil

John Nugent married Mary Ann Slack to whom were born Hattie Effie, Warren, Howard, Judson, Clarence and Beulah Abigail

Richard Nugent Jr. married Margaret May Sullivan to whom were born Michael Wallace and Mary Elizabeth

James Nugent married Elizabeth O'Sullivan to whom were born Cecil Thomas, James Alger, Michael John, Harry Edward, Ela William, Lester Gregory, Merwenna, Margaret, Richard and Helen

Katherine Nugent married William Gardner to were was born Sterling, Sarah Lavina, Jennie and Mary

Jane Nugent married William Warren to whom were born Tillie and Early

Mary Nugent married John Warren to whom were born Tryphena Sarah Ann, Eva Blanch, Richard Lester, Edna Dean, Elizabeth May, Mary Ellen and Thurza Catherine

Sarah Nugent married Richard Martin to whom was born Jennie

Henry Nugent married Irene Granger to whom were born Beulah, Libbie, Melzer, Hershel, Grant, Leslie and Lyle

William Nugent married Alice Bradley who left no issue

Elizabeth Nugent married William J. Sullivan to whom were born May and Richard

Thomas Nugent married Mandelia Bacus to whom were born Thelma, Ardis, Clara and Thomas Jr.

To Richard Nugent Jr., and his wife Margaret May Sullivan, was born Michael Wallace

To Michael Wallace Nugent and his wife, Alice Maud Richardson, daughter of James W. Richardson and Rosanna Murdock, was born Kenneth Richardson Nugent, September 22nd 1909