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John Nugent
Family Tree

John Nugent was born in Laurens County South Carolina around 1790. His father was William Nugent, they are both listed on the deed record below. John moved to Franklin County Tennessee circa 1815 with the Neighbours' families. John married Elizabeth Neighbours, they had at least one son and seven daughters. If you look at the census records between 1820 and 1840 there are two males and two females more than I can account for that maybe have been relatives, children that died or moved on.

John was a blacksmith and farmer by trade, He fought in the War of 1812 with Andrew Jackson through thick and thin. He was elected magistrate in 1832 and was so until the day he died. He was also a Justice of the Peace in Franklin County Tennessee. He married at least 61 couples between May 6, 1838 and March 19, 1871. There are many Franklin County court records of John as a witness to property sales and he also served on juries in the Franklin County area. John was involved in the case of Jacob Keel in January of 1854. John sold 40 acres of his 80 acres to Joseph Little on the 15th day of June, 1860. He still owned 40 acres of land in Roarks Cove, Franklin County Tennessee according to the tax records up to 1871. He died January 31, 1872 at his home in Roarks Cove. His Obituary appeared in "The Home Journal" on February 8, 1872. . On August 15, 1872 D.S. Long was awarded the Administrator of John Nugent's estate by the Franklin County court. I have yet to find a marked grave in the area. The John Nugent Estate was bought by Alexander and Musadora (Nugent) Usrey.

Below are just a few records that I have found of John Nugent.

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1813-------Records of Laurens County, SC. Deed Book "K" p. 377 #178, Dated 30 Aug 1813 recorded 23 Jun 1817: Charles Nabours to Wm. Nugent for $130, 100 acres original grant to Wm. Taylor 2 Jul 1787 on Todd's Creek of Little River, bordering then on Michael Waldrop, Robert Tweedy [now David Speer]. Witnesses: John Nugent, Wm. Blackley. Pr: David Speer, J.P.

Oct. 27, 1837, Franklin County, TN Deed Book Q:256, (DM),
Volunteers to Florida to Capt. Benjamin CHERRY:

Benjamin CHERRY, Captain, and William GIBSON First Lt. of the company of Mounted Volunteers lately raised in the County and State aforesaid for the service of the United States in Florida, being Jointly bound as security with each of us, the undersigned members of the company, as aforesaid in the note which he has Executed for the purchase money of Horses which he now has, and is to use in the approaching campaign. Now to save said CHERRY and GIBSON harmless, each of us dose hereby convey to the said CHERRY and GIBSON their heirs and assigns forever all right Title and Interest which he has in and to his said Horse. this conveyance however is to be void as to each of the undersigned who pays his said note when it becomes due. Furthermore each of the undersigned does hereby empower and appoint the CHERRY and GIBSON to be his lawful attorney to receive from the General Goverment of the United States as it fall due, the pay to which he may be entitled and to take all necessary steps to recover the same, should payment be delayed, They are also authorised to apply said pay when received to the payment of the notes in which they are jointly bound, with each of us if not before paid and the balance if any pay over to him of us to whom it is due. This 27th Octr. 1837. Signed:

John G. BOSTICK, James KEENEY, John W. GREER, Geo. W. CHERRY, John (his X mark) DILE, David (his X mark) HOWARD, Coleman (his X mark) MILAM, Jackson PATTERSON, Rowling DAVIS, Thomas SANDERS, Thomas J. WILLIAMS, Daniel GWINN (his X mark), Madison GOODMAN, Allen GILLIAM, Wiley KING, William (his X mark) SPAIN, Alexander STITH, Charles (his X mark) ODEAR, Jefferson (his X mark) HILL, Jonathan (his X mark) THOMAS, Jesse (his X mark) MCKELVEY, William C. BOYSE, Hiram R. SMITH, James SANSOM, Anderson (his X mark) SUMMORS, William FERRELL, John DAVIS (his X mark), Sydney (his X mark) ROBERTS, John M. WALKER, Abner (his X mark) DIAR, Claybourn C. SEGE, Thomas J. ROSE, Caleb (his X mark) MOORE, Jas. W. (his X mark) STAMPS, William GARRETT, Peter WILEY, William SIMS, Wilson MORRIS, Joseph M. STAFFORD, John B. COFFROTH, Wm. (his X mark) HILL, Ben (his X mark) LADD, John B. (his X mark) BRANNON, James M. (his X mark) SMITH, John (his X mark) HARGESS, Jesse (his X mark) COVEY, Obediah W. HUNTER, Charles SANSON, Jesse SANSON, Peter (his X mark) VIBBERT, Thomas F. MILAM, George (his X mark) KING, John MORRIS, John ELLIS, Elias SMITH, Geo. W. ROSE, Wm. HAYES, Abram HARGESS, Benj. ROLLINS, George SUMMERS, Benj. F. JONES. WITNESS: Samuel THOMPSON, Harris GILLIAM, G.W. SARTAIN, Jurat. ATTEST: John NUGENT, Zachariah (his X mark) GOWERS.

November, 1850

State vs. Oliver Conn assault with intent to kill The trial finally takes place. The jury called consists of John Handy, Wm. R. Francis, John C. Montgomery, Jeptha U. Horton, Abram Shook, James C. Handy, Wm. P. Martin, James Wagner, A. J. Aliceman, Stephen Smith, James Byron, and John Nugent. They find Oliver guilty and fine him $7.50 plus cost of prosecution. James P. Keith came to Court and acknowledged himself the defendant's security. The victim was Isaac Stephens.

The following are census records of John Nugent

State: TN Year: 1820
County: Franklin Roll:
Township: Page: 3

1 - male under 10 - Milton
1 - male 26 to 45 - John
3 - female under 10 - Margaret, ???A, ???B
1 - female 16 to 25 - Elizabeth (Wife)

State: TN Year: 1830
County: Franklin County Record Type: Federal Population Schedule
Township: No Township Listed Page: 068
Database: TN 1830 Federal Census Index

1 - male under 5 - ???A - Son of relative, border or Johns?
1 - male 15 to 20 - Milton
1 - male 20 to 30 - Relative or border?
1 - male 30 to 40 - John
2 - female under 5 - Elizabeth, Jane
1 - female 5 to 10 - Martha
2 - female 10 to 15 - Margaret, ???B
1 - female 30 to 40 - Elizabeth (Wife)

Note: Daughter ???A Left, married or died and the unknown males maybe her husband and son?

State: TN Year: 1840
County: Franklin County Record Type: Federal Population Schedule
Township: No Township Listed Page: 036
Database: TN 1840 Federal Census Index

1 - male 40 to 50 - John
3 - female 5 to 10 - Mary Ann, Minerva, Musadora
2 - female 10 to 15 - Elizabeth, Jane
2 - female 15 to 20 - Martha, ???C
1 - female 20 to 30 - ???B
1 - female 50 to 60 - Elizabeth (Wife)

Note: Margaret married in 1838. ???C Relative or border?

State: TN Year: 1850
County: Franklin County Record Type: Federal Population Schedule
Township: 9th District Page: 075
Database: TN 1850 Federal Census Index

NUGENT, John - 65 - M - Blacksmith - SC
Martha - 34 - F - TN
Elizabeth - 28 - F - TN
Jane - 25 - F - TN
Mary Ann - 21 - F - TN
Minerva - 18 - F - TN
Musadora - 16 - F - TN

Note: The listed ages are not in line with other census records. Daughter ???B left, married or died. Wife Elizabeth died.

State: TN Year: 1860
County: Franklin County Record Type: Federal Population Schedule
Township: District 9 Page: 187
Database: TN 1860 Federal Census Index

NUGENT, John - 65 - M - Farmer - SC
Jane - 30 - F - TN
Mary A - 26 - F - TN
Minerva - 23 - F - TN
Musadora - 21 - F - TN

State: TN Year: 1870
County: Franklin County Record Type: Federal Population Schedule
Township: District 9 Page: 27
Database: TN 1870 Federal Census Index

NUGENT, John - 77 - M - Farmer - SC
Martha - 41 - F - TN
Mary A - 33 - F - TN
Narvy - 30 (Minerva) - F - TN