The Nugent Family Sources

My sources of information for this web site are as follows:
  • Allison for all the great Arkansas Shook information.
  • Ann McCormick, my aunt, for 1900's Nugent information.
  • Deborah Hesketh, my cousin, for the big picture that got me started.
  • Irene Nugent, my mother, for all the help with the old family pictures.
  • Jesse Sturdivant for all the Houk family information.
  • Mary Rooks for the William Houk info and picture
  • Melissa Cooper for the Henry Bailey grave picture.
  • Sandy Trent for all the great Buckner info and pictures.
  • for all the census and other records.
  • for various records.
  • The Nashville Library for many grave and other records.
  • The Tennessee State Library for various early Franklin County Tennessee records.
  • TN A Free Tennessee Genealogy Web site