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William Nugent
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The following is a land record of William Nugent.

1813 ------ Records of Laurens Co., SC. Deed Book "K" Page 377 #178, Dated August 30, 1813 recorded June 23, 1817: Charles Nabours to William Nugent for $130, 100 acres original grant to William Taylor July 2, 1787 on Todd's Creek of Little River, bordering then on Michael Waldrop, Robert Tweedy [now David Speer]. Witnesses: John Nugent, William Blackley. Pr: David Speer, J.P.


There are records of William Nugent as a purchaser at the estate sales of David Speer on November 2, 1815, of Matthew Hunter in February of 1822, and Hedley Davis on July 17, 1833 all in Laurens County South Carolina. Judging by the amount of land he had and estate purchases he must have made a fair amount of money.


The Will of William Nugent

The State of South Carolina. In the name of God, Amen. I William NUGENT of the district of Laurens, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, and calling to mind the uncertainty of life and being desirous to dispose of all such worldly estate as it hath pleases God to bless me with, do make and ordain this my last will in manner following. I desire after my decease that all my just debts be punctually paid. I give and bequeath to my three daughters and grand daughters namely; Jane NUGENT, Martha NUGENT, Elizabeth NUGENT, and Emily F. OWENS, the plantation and tract of land whereon I now live containing by a late resumery(?) two hundred and one acres, together with all my personal property of every description. And should either of my daughters or grand daughters die, it is my wish that all my estate above described be and the same is hereby given to them that may survive. And I do hereby constitute and appoint William BLAKELY Jr. executor of this my last will and testament. In testimony where of I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this fifteenth day of September, in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and thirty six. Signed, sealed, published, and declared as and for the last will and testament of the above William NUGENT. In the presence of us.

William Nugent (S. L.)       

Nancy Day
Willis Hill
Nathaniel Day

Recorded in Will Book A, Page 28, Bdl. 97, Pkg. 11.
Proven March 9, 1844.
Recorded date not available. W. D. Watts o. L. D.


The following are the census records of William Nugent.

Laurens Co. SC 1800 Census

Name: William Nugent
Free White Males (Age 0-10): 2
Free White Males (Age 26-45): 2
Free White Females (Age 0-10): 2
Free White Females (Age 26-45): 1

Laurens Co. SC 1810 Census

Name: William Nugent
Free White Males (Age 0-10): 2
Free White Males (Age 10-15): 1
Free White Males (Age 16-25): 1
Free White Males (Age 26-45): 1
Free White Females (Age 0-10): 1
Free White Females (Age 10-15): 1
Free White Females (Age 16-25): 1
Free White Females (Age 26-45): 1

Laurens Co. SC 1820 Census

Name: Wm Noogin
Free White Males (Age 10-16): 1
Free White Males (Age 16-26): 2
Free White Males (Age 45+): 1
Free White Females (Age 0-10): 2
Free White Females (Age 16-26): 1
Free White Females (Age 45+): 1

Laurens Co. SC 1830 Census

Name: William Nugent
Free White Males (Age 20-30): 1
Free White Males (Age 50-60): 1
Free White Females (Age 5-10): 1
Free White Females (Age 20-30): 3
Free White Females (Age 50-60): 1

Laurens Co. SC 1840 Census

Name: William Nugent
Free White Males (Age 70-80): 1
Free White Females (Age 15-20): 1
Free White Females (Age 20-30): 2
Free White Females (Age 30-40): 1